Committed to maintaining International Standards

As part of the company’s growth and sustainability strategy, the team at AMSOL have been working consistently to ensure that management systems and processes are in place to meet and exceed Client requirements and that the company continues to align to best practice and international standards in Safety, Health, Environmental Protection, Quality (SHEQ) and operations.

Over the last 5 years, AMSOL has reviewed the company’s Group Management System (GMS) which holds various policies, procedures, manuals and forms, used by employees to carry out their daily tasks and management activities. Due to the varied nature of operations and vessels in our owned and managed fleet, including differing requirements from Clients, the company continues to look at new and innovative ways of conducting business operations efficiently and effectively.

There are several critical components which form the basis of ensuring International Standards are maintained. These include:

Ensuring System Integrity:

We continually check, adjust and refine Management System documentation. All changes to documentation within the GMS are controlled by the GMS Custodian team which includes a group of AMSOL specialists who are trained and experienced in document control, revision and technical knowledge of the relevant codes, standards and legal requirements.

Monitoring Upcoming and Changing Legislation:

Heads of Departments ensure they keep up to date with legal requirements, attend seminars and share information on changes during various management review meetings. This ensures that system changes and budgets are prepared well in advance of the changes being implemented and that project plans are developed to bridge any requirements.

Changes to Industry Requirements:

Working in the dynamic marine solutions industry with new information continuously shared between companies and across the sector, changes are often introduced. Change management has become a soft skills set that is important to all managers and employees and is a capacity that AMSOL continues to develop.

Client needs and expectations:

To ensure that we continue to offer a relevant value proposition, AMSOL liaises and interacts with Client contract managers through informal and formal communications, including annual surveys. Regular contract review meetings are also held with Clients

to ensure that expectations are met. Where there are opportunities to share Best Practices and developments in SHEQ, a parternship approach is adopted.

Goal Zero:

A key SHEQ goal for AMSOL is ‘Zero Harm’. We want employees and service providers to come to work safely, work safely and go home safely. This also applies to how the company protects the environment in which we work, and the assets and equipment we work with.

“Deliberate actions to improve SHEQ performance is key, together with a strong focus on a compliance culture to ensure that we do what we say we will do and deliver to Client, Contract and Industry needs and expectations”, notes SHEQ & Compliance Executive Terry Spreeth.