AMSOL is committed to partnering to create value and recognises that to ensure business sustainability into the future it is important that all AMSOL stakeholders derive benefit from the company’s success. This supports the company’s vision and mission of facilitating growth and transformation of the regional ocean economy and helps ensure long-term competitiveness.

The company’s sustainability commitments are integrated into strategic objectives and underpin the way we do business. AMSOL’s sustainability efforts also align to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which aim to address global challenges through balancing Social, Economic and Environmental Sustainability.

As one of the largest maritime players in the region, AMSOL has an important role to play in responding to the SDG’s call to action, and whilst all of the SDGs are important, we have identified certain goals where we believe we are able to have the greatest impact.

Sustainability Reports

Sustainability Report 2023
Past Reports can be downloaded below:


AMSOL is a Level 3 Contributor to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment and is verified annually against the requirements of the Maritime Transport & Services Sub-Sector Codes.

The company is 100% South African owned, with majority shareholding held by Black South Africans, including employees. As a result, AMSOL is the leading black empowered marine solutions company of its kind in the country, building on the progress made by SMIT Amandla Marine since 2005 in implementing a sustainable empowerment strategy. AMSOL acquired the business of SMIT Amandla Marine in 2016.


We believe that the true path to sustainability lies in the growth of our business in the region. As a market leader, AMSOL is a catalyst for the economic transformation of ocean economies, which is why localization is a priority in our areas of operation.

We are passionate about the spirit and people of the region and this is reflected in the caliber of those we employ, the diversity of our supply chain and our partnership with communities. Our expertise and solutions are borne of Africa, and delivered to international standards.


We actively contribute to the shaping of our industry in the region and are represented in and members of many associations and forums including:

  • International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA)
  • Master Mariners Association (MMA)
  • Maritime Law Association (MLA)
  • Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association South Africa (WISTA SA)
  • South African Oil & Gas Alliance (SAOGA)
  • South African Association of Ship Owners and Agents (SAASOA)
  • South African Maritime Training Academy (SAMTRA)
  • South African Institute of Marine Engineers & Naval Architects (SAIMENA)
  • South African Maritime Professionals Association (SAMPA)
  • South African International Maritime Institute (SAIMI)
  • Ethekwini Maritime Cluster
  • Lawhill Maritime Trust
  • Marine Waste Strategy Network


AMSOL supports national goals and imperatives in each market of operation, and we act as an economic, social and regional enabler through our strategic role in the industry. As a leading employer of seafarers in the region, we actively promote maritime awareness and maritime education through innovative socio-economic development programmes.

With a focus on investing in secondary education initiatives we enrich our Talent Pipeline by informing, inspiring and educating learners about our industry and career opportunities. We support educators of maritime economics and nautical science by funding resources and workshops that add value to them.

We pursue a partnership approach with clients, working together on projects that are impactful and support shared objectives.


  • Do not do business in countries that are subject to international and relevant national embargoes
  • Respect human rights as set out in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Operate in fair competition by complying with relevant competition laws
  • Respect intellectual property rights
  • Focus on sustainable localization


We work closely with our supply partners as an extension of our business and we embrace the growth of small, medium and micro enterprises.

In supporting a diverse supply chain, we invest time and resources in the development of new and small businesses in support of economic transformation.


  • Select suppliers based on generally accepted market principles and provisions of the Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Implement the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment principles as they relate to preferential procurement, enterprise and supplier development
  • Select suppliers who can advise and supply us with high-quality services and products which are sustainable
  • Pay suppliers on time in accordance with the agreements made
  • Demonstrate reliability in all of our business activities