AMSOL is the leading employer of South African seafarers – and employs 550 people in seagoing or shore-based positions across the region. As an employer of choice in the maritime industry, AMSOL offers rewarding work in an environment of continuous development; and supports employees to reach their full potential.

With clients in the government and private sector, AMSOL is focused on partnering with all stakeholders to create value. This includes employees, who on being appointed to permanent positions, become shareholders in the company.

The company invests in the growth, training and wellbeing of its employees – and is committed to making a positive impact and creating value.


AMSOL’s culture has its foundation in safety, health, environmental protection and quality. This culture is so impactful that it influences the lives of employees both at work and at home in their communities. Employees go the extra mile to deliver on the expectations of their peers and clients: a team effort is underpinned by an environment of respect and inclusion.

The company communicates, engages and consults frequently with employees and a focus on training and development sets AMSOL apart from other employers.

Employees collectively defined and agreed shared Values, which prioritise Our People, Our Culture and Our Service. We hold ourselves to these standards and we strive to live these values on a daily basis, and demonstrate them through our actions, interactions and behaviors, whilst delivering a professional marine solution in our chosen markets.

AMSOL is characterized by:

  • Leadership – confident and progressive
  • Proudly African – a South African base and local in very market of operation
  • Global Expertise – assets, capabilities and thought leadership
  • Catalyst – partnering in each country of operation
  • People – at the heart of our business
  • Perspective – relevant and dynamic
  • Entrepreneurial – commercial astute, agile and responsive to client needs


“AMSOL’s policies and culture make the working environment safe and productive. AMSOL is also proactive. During the COVID19 pandemic, they provided alerts, updates and information and reached employees regardless of their location.”

“Collaboration is the Value that mostly resonate with me. In the team I work with I have seen us come together, assisting each other to ensure we deliver as required. Each person always offers their skills, so we deliver an excellent job.”

“When we deliver on what we promise we make the ultimate difference. This is why our clients trust AMSOL.”