AMSOL’s Board of Directors and Executive Management Committee are responsible for the effective leadership and management of the company to ensure that AMSOL remains a sustainable business based on the key elements of corporate governance. These include accountability, values and ethical practices, sound policies and regulatory framework as well as risk and performance management.

Ethical Business

To support AMSOL’s approach of Zero Tolerance to unethical or fraudulent behaviour and in line with the company Ethics Policy, Code of Conduct and best practice globally, AMSOL has  introduced an Ethics & Fraud Reporting Service; allowing employees and other stakeholders to report their experiences or concerns privately and with the option of reporting anonymously depending on the nature of the issue. Advance Call has been appointed as an independent service provider to host the AMSOL Ethics & Fraud Hotline.

The Protected Disclosures Act (PDA) provides protection to Whistleblowers who wish to disclose information regarding possible unlawful or irregular conduct. Under the PDA, Whistleblowers have the right to remain anonymous when making a disclosure. Advance Call offers the possibility for Whistleblowers to provide their contact information with the explicit understanding that it will not be shared with the recipient or anyone else.

Disclosures can be reported to the AMSOL Ethics & Fraud Hotline. Contact details for this service are as follows:

Toll-free telephone number:    0800 364 728

WhatsApp number:                  0860 004 004

Secure email address:    

Online and chat:             

Data Privacy

AMSOL takes the privacy and protection of stakeholder information seriously. In compliance with data privacy legislation and the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) which came into effect on the 1st of July, the company has ensured that its data privacy policies are aligned to best practices.

To view AMSOL data privacy policies, click on the following links:

AMSOL Data Protection Policy

AMSOL Processing of Data Subjects Personal Information Policy

AMSOL Privacy Policy

AMSOL Website Policy