Employees Welcome Continued Trust Participation

Employee reaction to the news that the Employee Trust will own 12% of AMSOL has been overwhelming positive and encouraging! We’re all excited to be part of the next phase in our company’s history and look forward to sharing in its success.

A substantial portion of the Trust’s share of the proceeds from the sale of the business of SMIT Amandla Marine is being reinvested in AMSOL by means of a 12% shareholding. AMSOL shareholders supported the Trusts’ participation from the beginning of the acquisition process and appreciate the value that it adds to permanent employees of the company.

The trustees believe that the structure of the new investment, and the preference dividends that the Trust will be entitled to, will ensure that dividends to employees remain at fair and sustainable levels, whilst retaining a significant long term capital investment for all beneficiaries. With hard work and a collective focus on excellent client service, AMSOL employees’ investment in the company via the Trust’s shareholding will continue to increase in value over the coming years, as it has done since the inception of the Employee Trust in 2005.