Ship-To-Ship (STS) transfer operations involve the transfer of liquid cargo between vessels positioned alongside each other, either while stationary or underway. AMSOL conducts various types of STS transfer operations under different marine conditions with the support of Authorities; combining specialised equipment and experienced AMSOL STS Superintendents together with effective support teams to ensure that clients’ expectations are met and solutions delivered with safety, care for the environment and risk mitigation.

AMSOL’s Jeff Mitchell Marine Advisor and STS Specialist:

“Essential to the safe transfer of cargo is compliance to local and international regulations, emergency preparedness, effective communication between all parties, knowledge of the local area and favourable weather conditions. We have the experience that ensures our clients operations are conducted effectively and that their business keeps moving.”

The various types of STS operations AMSOL conducts across the continent include in-port double banking, Off Port Limit (OPL) transfers either underway, at anchor, or with vessels maintaining position utilising Dynamic Positioning (DP). Types of products transferred include refined products such as Diesel, Unleaded Petroleum (ULP) as well as various bunker fuels including Marine Diesel Oil (MDO) and Marine Fuel Oil (MFO).

Earlier this month, AMSOL managed the transfer of approximately 3500 metric tonnes of Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (VLSFO)  between the ‘Maersk Altus’ and ‘Al-Safa’ on behalf of client BP in the Port of Cape Town.