On the 14th of October 2021, De Beers held their Annual Global Safety Day across the Group under the theme “Always safe being our strongest link”.

Representatives from the Cape Town support team joined the Masters, Officers and Crew from the ‘Aukwatowa’ and ‘Aogatoa’ to discuss the safety day theme which focused on psychological safety.

In line with COVID19 controls and prevention measures all workshops were held on the quayside. The morning commenced with AMSOLITE’s joining the De Beers Group CEO Bruce Cleaver virtually for the launch of the 2021 Global Safety Day. They then held their own workshop which included reflecting on the last 18 months, discussing the challenges COVID19 has brought and thanking the crew who have served onboard the Port Nolloth launches for their commitment, resilience and excellent service to the client: De Beers Supply Chain Centre, Port Nolloth.

AMSOLITES who have stood out over the year as Values Champions and displayed safety leadership were celebrated and the morning ended with all participants sharing their personal commitments to safety.

AMSOL offshore supply vessels ‘Aukwatowa’ and ‘Aogatoa’ support the largest diamond mining fleet in the world by providing launch services through the De Beers logistic base which operates out of Port Nolloth. Port Nolloth is a coastal Northern Cape town about 750 kms from Cape Town. The AHTSV ‘Nomasa’ provides a similar service to Debmarine Namibia out of Lüderitz.