AMSOL was contracted by Chevron to develop methods for execution to satisfy the requirement for marine growth descaling and cleaning, visual inspection (GVI), ultrasonic thickness gauging (UTG), cathodic protection readings (CP) and light installation work to the 12” pigging interface. The subsea operations were performed in early December on a 12” discharge line, approximately 1 km off of the coast line at Blouberg Beach, Cape Town.

The line penetrates the seabed into open ocean for approximately 57 metres in an offshore direction within 10 metres of sea water. The discharge line terminates at a diffuser assembly consisting of 8 x 6” take-off verticals and is mounted in an opposing array. The project was executed to AMSOL’s high safety standards utilising 3.2U & 3.1U CSWIP certified subsea personnel, in accordance with IMCA guidelines.