AMSOL creates an enabling environment for Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) in support of the company’s Enterprise and Supplier Development initiatives.

Where opportunities allow, quotations and tenders are packaged into smaller components to target SMMEs. Appropriate standards, specifications and delivery dates related to contractual obligations are also included to ensure that small businesses can be reasonably expected to cope and compete effectively.  In support of these efforts, AMSOL has a sub-contractor development programme in place.

AMSOL’s Strategic Sourcing Executive Pumla Makubalo:

“Having  hosted a successful Business-to-Business (B2B) workshop in 2019, when our subcontractors engaged with stakeholders from the Department of Labour, South African Revenue Service, Transport Education & Training Authority, Commercial Banks, Development Finance and Insurance institutions, we recently hosted another interactive online training and development workshop in October.  Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment (HIRA) and Legal Liability training were the key topics of the workshop.”

The aim of the workshop was to meaningfully engage with supply chain partners to ensure they were equipped to manage risk in their operations and better understand Occupational Health & Safety Act liabilities. Recognizing the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and business owners given the impact of COVID19, the workshop also presented an opportunity to provide tools on how to navigate the business space.

16 service providers in the categories of fuel services, victualling and vessel maintenance attended the three-day workshop, which included a dynamic guest speaker Mmahlapa Mkandariwe who shared insight on the important topic of ‘Authentic Leadership’.

“By partnering with these SMME’s in this way, we believe we are adding value to their sustainability and competitiveness,” adds Pumla Makubalo, who leads the AMSOL Strategic Sourcing team responsible for supply chain management, procurement, logistics and warehousing at the company.

This sentiment on value-add has been echoed by business owners who participated in the programme and for whom AMSOL’s support is making a real difference:

“Thank you for these 3 day which were very beneficial to us at Mvano Marine. The HIRA training has given us all the answers we were looking for as we prepare for our ISO Audit, especially the section on “Preparing for Risk Assessment”. Today we understand and can do Risk Calculation Values, Consequence, Probability and Risk Classification. We sincerely thank AMSOL for working with us and growing the capabilities of our small business.” 

Ngazibini Qongqo, Managing Director – Mvano Marine


“We wish to thank AMSOL for a very informative and mind changing workshop. We have learnt a lot and will implement and enforce the learnings in our daily operations.”

Christopher Mathobie, Director – Blast 24/7

“The training was an eye opener to a lot of things I know but didn’t fully comprehend because I did not have formal training. I did not know the legal side of safety matters; I just understood the rules and regulations. The training has helped me to better prepare and understand the risks of delivering my services, and I also read tender documents with better understanding.”

Oyama Sidlabane – SDBN Group