To ensure that AMSOL is always able to provide an efficient and reliable service to clients and maximise technical availability of vessels, the Fleet Management Services Department in partnership with the engineering and deck departments onboard ensure that vessels are effectively maintained to the satisfaction of the relevant Classification Society and Authorities. Where possible the company prioritises localisation by ensuring that repairs and maintenance projects are carried out in the vessel’s operational area.

Earlier this month, AMSOL’s Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel ‘Nomasa’ entered drydock in Walvis Bay for a period of planned maintenance at Namdock. Through effective planning for the drydock project, AMSOL’s Strategic Sourcing Department focused on maximizing the local procurement of spares, stores and repair services from Namibian suppliers and subcontractors.

AMSOL’s Strategic Sourcing Executive Pumla Makubalo:

“For the Nomasa’s drydock in Namibia, the procurement team focused on identifying, evaluating and registering Namibian companies who could assist us in this important project. Through this strategic approach, we have been able to ensure that 80% of the support required for ‘Nomasa’s’ period of maintenance in Walvis Bay was procured from local entities; positively impacting the local economy.”

AMSOL provides marine solutions to Debmarine Namibia’s offshore diamond mining fleet, utilising the ‘Nomasa’ to meet offshore support and supply requirements out of Lüderitz.