AMSOL Namibia, with an office in Walvis Bay, is a joint venture between Namibian engineering and marine services company Kizomba Engineering Services and AMSOL.  Together, the combined value of their respective local expertise, competence and resources ensures that AMSOL Namibia is equipped to provide clients in the Energy, Ports, Mining and Maritime sectors in the Namibian market with an African solution, to international standards.

For AMSOL’s Business Unit Manager Dave Murray, Namibia is close to his heart:

“I spent 5 years in Walvis Bay as a child where my father was a tug master working for the Port, and it has been fantastic over the course of the last few years to be actively back in the country, working in partnership with Kizomba to strengthen our network within the maritime sector in Namibia. We’re looking forward to growing the business of AMSOL Namibia and contributing to the transformation of the maritime economy whilst creating jobs.”

The company provides marine solutions to Debmarine Namibia’s offshore diamond mining fleet, utilising the AHTSV ‘Lombok’ to execute subsea hazard recovery operations as well as offshore support services out of Lüderitz.

AMSOL Namibia’s Operating Manager Roger Djissa:

“To support the future growth of the company, AMSOL Namibia has established a Namibian Talent Pipeline to ensure that the skills are developed and Namibian seafarers in particular are competent in providing a quality service to clients in this market into the future.”

Initiatives supporting the talent pipeline project include a bursary scheme as well as cadetships, and ongoing statutory and development training of seafarers. Supporting the local supply chain also remains a key priority which means practicing sustainable, responsible procurement that builds a resilient and robust value chain. And with so many world-class service providers, suppliers and contractors in Namibia, this is key to establishing a sustainable business.