At AMSOL, we understand the importance of building a sustainable business and investing locally in each area of operation by ensuring that we have a diverse and inclusive workforce, a robust supply chain and partnerships which aim to improve the communities in which we work. In South Africa this is no different. Our continued commitment to transformation underpins our company’s Mission and we are therefore pleased to have maintained our Level 2 Contributor Status to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment, verified annually against the requirements of the Maritime Transport & Services Sub-Sector Codes.

Key to maintaining Level 2 status is the consistent implementation of policies that support best business practices which include a diverse talent pipeline supported by ongoing development and embracing the growth of small, medium and micro enterprises.

For AMSOL’s clients in South Africa for whom preferential procurement is also a business priority, being able to recognise spend with AMSOL at 125% adds value to their own progress too.