In an industry expected to operate 24 hours a day, marine services are the critical link that keep things moving; ensuring that economies endure. At AMSOL, whether it is delivering fuel to ships, or goods and supplies to an offshore vessel, supporting the country’s fuel import supply or being ready to respond to a marine emergency at sea – a dedicated team of seafarers and specialist marine personnel are an important ingredient.

And in remaining on duty, it is these women and men who play a vital role in supporting our economy and continuing to provide essential services during the COVID-19 Lockdown period in South Africa and neighboring countries.

To support this call to action, the company has introduced risk mitigation measures at regional, national, and local operations to maximise personal safety and well-being. For many seafarers operating along the Southern African coast, this means confinement to their vessels to prevent contamination, with no crew changes or shore leave. It is an extraordinary commitment that has not gone unrecognised.

 The priority for the team at AMSOL during this time is employee health, virus transmission prevention and preparedness to support client operations and ensure effective marine emergency response capabilities, with access to specialist equipment and personnel. AMSOL remains open and contactable and is on call to respond 24/7/365, with key service providers and suppliers in support.

Chief Executive Officer of AMSOL Paul Maclons:

“AMSOL’s clients in the Energy, Ports and Maritime sectors are critical to keeping the economy moving during the Lockdown.  This means that our fleet and business remains operational, providing marine support services to our clients. I pay tribute to all employees across our company and in the various regions for their co-operation, support and assistance during this time – despite challenging circumstances and personal concern for families at home. It has reminded me that, above all, the strength of this company is its people; standing together – working as one.”

A donation to The Solidarity Response Fund was made on behalf of all employees at the end of March to support virus prevention, treatment and awareness measures across South Africa. Permanent employees of AMSOL are beneficiaries of the AMSOL Employee Trust, which owns 12% of the company. AMSOL Employee Trust trustees have also declared a dividend which will provide additional financial relief to beneficiaries and their families in the months to come.

For more details on The Solidarity Response Fund and to find out how you can help, please visit www.solidarityfund.co.za.