Ship-to-Ship (STS) transfer operations refer to the transfer of product between two vessels positioned alongside one another either at sea or in port.

AMSOL personnel frequently manage oil and gas transfer operations along the  Southern  African coast which are carefully planned, involving relevant Authorities. Selecting a suitable location, utilising the appropriate, certified equipment as well as specialist personnel ensures mitigation of the high risk associated with these marine projects.

The company has the resources, enabling infrastructure, supply chain and experience required to professionally ensure efficiency in managing these operations to international standards, in compliance with the requirements of the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA).

AMSOL has managed several STS operations since January this year. These include:

  • The transfer of 2000 metric tonnes of Marine Gas Oil (MGO) from the supply tanker ‘Bluefin’ to the drillship ‘Deepsea Metro 1’ on behalf of client Trafigura. The transfer was carried out in St. Helena Bay rather than in Table Bay where a high swell was running, ensuring that there was no delay to the client nor impact on the environment.
  • The transfer of 10 000 metric tonnes of fuel from the ‘Vinjerac’ to ‘Marviu’.
  • The transfer of 1 450 metric tonnes of fuel from the ‘Bonaire Trader’ to the ‘Polarcus Asima’.
  • The transfer of 9 000 metric tonnes of fuel from the ‘Nautical Janine’ to the ‘Marviu’.
  • A cross quay transfer of 14 000 metric tonnes from the ‘UACC Shams’ to ‘Lysias’.
  • The bunkering transfer of 500 metric tonnes of fuel from the ‘Marviu’ to ‘Polarcus.

In addition to STS operations, AMSOL provides fuel discharge advisory services, and was recently awarded a three-year contract by PetroSA to fulfil this requirement for their operations in the Port of Cape Town.