Striving for a supply chain that is both inclusive and resilient, aligning with AMSOL’s vision of fostering growth and transformation in the regional ocean economy, the company welcomed eleven businesses into its Supplier Development Program in December 2023.

This strategic approach not only diversifies the supply chain but also offers new opportunities for the incoming participants to strengthen and grow their businesses. In line with the company’s commitment to sustainable growth, AMSOL hosted an ‘Empowering Business’ Workshop last week which aimed to equip our SME partners with valuable insights, strategies and tools to navigate the dynamic business landscape.

Strategic Sourcing Executive Pumla Makubalo:

“By facilitating access to information and resources, we are able to connect our Supplier Development beneficiaries with important organisations such as the Small Business Development Agency, Productivity South Africa, South African Revenue Service and various private and public funding sources. In an effort to further expose them to the Maritime Industry we have granted them access to one of our vessels, where they have witnessed in practice the vessel daily requirements, operating systems and components. This assisted them to see how their services impact the daily operations of the vessels directly.”