2022 has come to an end almost as quickly as it began. Indeed, time has sped up in our post-pandemic world and 12 months have come and gone, bringing with them both challenges and opportunities. It has been a year of highlights and milestones, of necessary change and of reflection. Investments made in new assets in the last 2 years have shown good returns and we continue to make progress in strengthening our people, partnerships and processes to ensure continued relevance.

As 2022 draws to a close, I think particularly about our employees across the business who have endured the challenge of navigating three extraordinary years both personally and professionally. I am proud of AMSOLITES for working with us to retain important business, to win new business and to ensure that AMSOL remains relevant and value-adding to our clients and our industry. It has taken a combined effort to maintain focus and to keep our head in the game and we have warmly welcomed the important ‘human element’ back into our engagements. In a post-pandemic era, we place more value on care for one another than ever before and we hope this continues to influence our interactions going forward.

Looking into early 2023, AMSOL will open a new office in Durban, commence a new contract in Cape Town and prepare for a number of interesting marine projects and initiatives. It is a great, positive way to start a year and I personally look forward to the shifts and opportunities that 2023 will bring.
I extend my appreciation to service providers and suppliers in our supply chain who have worked with us to ensure operational efficiency this year and who remain competitive in a dynamic market.
Finally, I want to thank all AMSOL clients for constructive partnership and collaboration this year. We value your business and look forward to working with you in 2023.

On behalf of our Board of Directors, I wish you a safe and healthy festive season whether at work or at play, and a prosperous new year.

Year-end Message from