In the pursuit of a more inclusive and resilient supply chain which aligns to AMSOL’s vision of growing and transforming the regional ocean economy; earlier this month AMSOL welcomed eleven new Small Enterprises (SMMEs) into its Supplier Development Program.

This strategic approach not only diversifies the supply chain but also presents an opportunity for the new incumbents. Majority of these enterprises are women-owned, and have had to overcome barriers to entry within the Maritime space. In an effort to support sustainable growth initiative, AMSOL will strategically package opportunities to ensure continued participation of the new entrants. AMSOL will continue ensuring the service quality is maintained as per industry best practice to ensure a seamless operation within its diverse fleet.

AMSOL Strategic Sourcing Executive Pumla Makubalo:

“Integrating SMME’s into the Supplier Development Program ensures inclusive participation and contributes to the local economy. By supporting small businesses within the communities we operate in, we are able to foster job creation, skills development and entrepreneurship. This creates a positive ripple effece on the broader economy.”

This sentiment of fostering job creation has been echoed by STC Facilities business owner Chelvin Africa who joined the AMSOL Supplier Development Program in January 2023 and for whom AMSOL’s support is making a real difference:

“AMSOL’s effort to empower people through sustainable solutions is evident and STC looks forward to another successful year of the programme.”