Marine Solutions for the Mining Sector


Ensuring the efficiency of logistics and operational support in the mining sector is critical to productivity. At AMSOL, we understand these drivers and have proven ourselves to be an efficient partner in the value chain.

With experience in providing support to diamond, phosphate and coal mining projects, we offer a comprehensive turnkey marine management or tailored project solution including:

  • Support and supply for offshore mining operations, including fuel transfers and fuel transfer support, static towing of supply tankers, sea bed hazard recovery, and safety standby
  • Installation, positioning and anchor recovery involving offshore mining structures
  • Survey support including use and operation of ROV’s and AUV’s
  • Vessel provision and support during offshore sampling, EIA surveys and seabed clearance projects
  • Cargo assurance during loading and unloading operations in port
  • Offshore transhipment operations involving bulk cargos, both liquid and solid

AMSOL’s capacity to meet the unique regulatory requirements of the offshore diamond mining industry is proven and supported by an experienced crewing logistics team ashore.